Keycloak.X as a service

Now, our infrastructure has migrated to Keycloak.X. Any (free) account on our plateform is now running on Keycloak.X distribution.

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Keycloak.X as a service

A year ago, Keycloak Team introduced Keycloak.X distribution :

A year ago, we launched our Keycloak as a service infrastructure. Now with thousands of realms, we are confident with the Keycloak distribution and we know how you are using it.

Check the last announce from Keycloak blog :

Now, all "free" accounts on our platform will use this new distribution of Keycloak.

Why a such migration ?

Our Keycloak as a service offer has a "free" offer designed for tests. With only a few clicks and without a credit card you can have access to a standard Keycloak realm and try it for your future projects.

We try to do our best to have an up to date Keycloak :

  • For security
  • With all new features you need

We have activated preview features for you :

  • Token Exchange
  • WebAuthN
  • Fine Grained admin permissions

Instead of doing a simple update from Keycloak 11.0.0 to Keycloak 12.0.1, we tried to update to Keycloak.X 12.0.1. Keycloak team has announced the first distribution on their blog. This is the time for us to give you the latest of Keycloak.

Removing Wildfly has a hudge impact on RAM.

Deploying a Keycloak.X distribution will reduce our cost per client, for free clients it has a big impact for us and gives you the future of Keycloak.

How we did it ?

When we built this platform, our goal was clear :

A standard Keycloak with only configuration and plugins.

So, our Dockerfile starts with :

FROM jboss/keycloak:11.0.0

We added :

Others external components :

  • RabbitMQ and a logger stack
  • A filter for API actions (realm rename, realm delete...)
  • A proxy for HTTPS and other standard things

Our use of a standard Keycloak distribution only needs a docker image with Keycloak.X. There is no custom code or fork, we built a docker image, run all tests and it seems fine. A single click on our continuous delivery has deployed a major update for you.

Keep it simple and reliable

For who ?

All existing free accounts are now on the new distribution.

We hope you will enjoy it team

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